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Who We Are

  • About us

    Time, our most precious gem and our greatest asset, if we do not made a specific decision during the trip on our way to the airport or the route from the airport to the destination, time-consuming process of checking and delivering luggage, receiving a boarding pass, waiting in long queues for passport control and boarding, and facing with potential problems that may occur in crowded airport environment; will be wasted. The sum of these events, specially when something unpleasant happens too, takes a lot of our time and energy and destroys a part of the joy of the trip.

    Noura CIP Company, by experiencing these conditions and understanding the need for optimal use of time and spend calm times before and after the flight, decided to target customers whose travels are integrated with their work and daily life; and provide them a set of high quality services with minimum involvement with the details and processes of airport procedures.

Noura CIP is a dependent company to the Noura Group Company.

Noura Group was established using the growth opportunity of the developing country of Turkey in the field of food, steel industry, construction, medical consuming goods, and tourism to meet the needs and demands of customers by being present in the international fields, using the efficient modern technology, and the Powerful supply chain.

  • Mission

    Noura CIP has gained a good cognition of the business world and the needs and tastes of people through extensive activities and collaborations. It is also fully aware of potential problems and wasted time and energy in the flight process; therefore, by smart use of the facilities and selecting and cooperating with the best entities and hiring young and creative force, provides a set of favorite services of its target community.

  • Vision

    We intend that by cooperating with the best hotels, airlines, ceremonial services of the airports around the world, airport transfers, etc., become a well-known and reliable source that knows the value of its customers and is aware of their needs and tastes. Also, by receiving the least information, offer the best package to the customers and eliminate the need for multiple decisions and passenger conflicts with different entities.

  • Values
    • Honesty with the customer
    • High development capacity
    • Keeping up with the customer
    • Professional customer-oriented team
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