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Start your journey with the comfort of CIP
CIP terminal of Imam Khomeini International Airport

Although traveling is enjoyable, it is stressful, sometimes complicated and time consuming. From the moment that we decide to travel to another country, until we set foot in the airport of that country, or when our business and leisure trip is over and we want to return to our beloved country of Iran, in our minds, special pleasures are associated with stressful stuff. We are here just to bring pleasant and beautiful moments to your mind when you think of traveling. Besides, do not feel that you are alone in this case, as sometimes you have a traveler, whether it is a friend or a relative, who intend to travel abroad, no matter who they are or where they are going to travel, we do design a suitable situation for you to do all your flight process carefree. All of these are done under the name of Imam Khomeini Airport CIP; a place, which is ready to serve you on the incoming and outgoing flights. We are here to help you literally experience a peaceful journey until you reach your destination. Let's just be a little more specific. We claim that, we have considered all stages of your journey; from entering the airport to obtaining an airport visa. In the following, we will introduce you to the whole story

What is CIP?

The CIP is the site of a three-story building in the center of Imam Khomeini International Airport, where all the Inbound and outbound flights' passengers that use our services spend all their time on the flight. Attractive places and services have been designed in this building, including two floors of a reception hall next to a large space with multiple living rooms where you are our guest for hours. There is also a self-service restaurant that offers a variety of snacks, hearty drinks, delicious desserts, hearty sweets, etc. at all hours of the day. A variety of game consoles are available for children's entertainment, as well as a branch of Pasargad and Saman Bank there that you can do hassle-free banking. You can find handicraft shops, perfume shops, etc. for your purchases, and of course a dedicated conference room and VIP meeting room are existed if you need to do some office works. In addition, we have ideas about other details. Due to the existence of Saman Bank ATM, foreign exchange services are also provided in the CIP of Imam Khomeini Airport. We pay attention to your simple and fast administrative work. It is worth to mention that there are also IRGC and police private gates, customs and cargo reception, private and covered parking with a capacity of 88 passenger cars and open parking for the use of passengers' companions in the CIP, so everything can be done in advance. Since you are our guest, everything should be at its best, and as long as you are our guest, your work should be done in in a friendly and peaceful atmosphere. For this reason, the interior design of the CIP hall of Imam Khomeini Airport is well-designed and special. A variety of comfortable chairs and sofas, and of course a large eye-catching space provide you quiet moments. On outbound flights, we will take you at the door of your house to the airport, do the process of your flight, and finally accompany you to the airplane stairs. All these steps are also done in incoming flights, with the difference that first you will get a service at Imam Khomeini Airport, and then we will take you to your desired destination


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You can enjoy the most comfortable journey with the unique services of CIP Air Service!

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